Charity E. Yoro , author & artist behind Women of Words

Charity E. Yoro, author & artist behind Women of Words


I started Women of Words (formerly Bay Area Women Writers) in response to the 2016 election. It was a community born of rage and necessity and my refusal to accept our political reality. What began as a monthly meetup of women warriors healing from (by writing about) trauma triggered by 45 has grown into a thriving community that embraces diversity, vulnerability, and the practice of showing up -- for ourselves, for our craft, and for our sister writers.

Now, one year later and over a hundred members strong, I’m realizing that our country is filled with women of words, and we all deserve sacred spaces to speak out and to celebrate our truths. I'm excited to deepen the roots of this beautiful community and begin to grow its reach beyond the Bay Area.



Women of Words is a safe, inclusive, thriving community for women-identified writers to cultivate and celebrate their writing practice.

Safe: Women are given permission to share their words in the rawest, most authentic form here. We respect each other by listening with love and responding with encouragement and positive feedforward. Unless requested by the writer, we do not critique craft at our gatherings. We honor each other and this sacred sharing space.

Inclusive: Women-identified writers from all origins, orientations, backgrounds, viewpoints, and types of expression are welcome here.

Thriving: We encourage our members to stay engaged with the community through online discussion/sharing and group outings to non-Women of Words events.

Cultivate: The structure of our gatherings encourage women to deepen their writing practice through group activities to ignite creativity, as well as focused writing time to apply this process toward individual projects.

Celebrate: We see every success as significant and strive to support the events and milestones of our writers — by providing an online space for promoting these successes and by attending when we can.

Writing practice: The act of showing up, whether you produce a piece or simply sit with your pen. 


who we are


We, Women of Words, are artists, mothers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, teachers. We are women of color, non-native English speakers, queer, curious, happily married. Some of us have published books, some of us write blogs, and some of us haven't picked up a pencil since the sixth grade. Most of us identify as "career non-writers," meaning we don't all write for work -- but we all strive to bring a little fun into our writing. Whatever kind of sister you are, there is a place for you here. Welcome home.